You’ll get the sites I used…
I’ll even share what tasks this army will do.

You won’t have to watch over this army either because it works at your command…

Dear Friends,

Rachel Rofe here…

First off, I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

You know, I’ve been working on line for a few years now and have built a solid business that will probably net over 7 figures this year.

I don’t say this to brag to you but the reason for this is that I outsource a lot of tasks in my business so I can focus on doing the fun things. 

Like this weekend, I was just at a face-reading conference up in Seattle…

Why? Because I”m really interested in the topic and I love studying human communication.

I’m a little bit of a nerd…I know but the reason I’m able to grow my business is because I have hired lots of outsourcers to help run things in my business…

I was even crazy back in the day and ran my own outsourcing firm with over 100 virtual workers. It was a really tough experience and I won’t ever do that again so I understand your pain in hiring a staff of people to run your business for you.

After that experience, I decided to really streamline things and that’s when I discovered how to build an instant army of outsourcers who can do simple yet important tasks for me within minutes of creating a campaign. 

Have a look for yourself…

While these tasks are simple (I’ll get into that in a bit), they are critical to growing a business. And yet who wants to actually do them?


Sounds crazy right? Most people tell new marketers that they should be building backlinks, posting blog posts, creating Squidoo lenses, etc. But after a long day of working, do you actually want to do that?


Here’s the secret –

While a lot of people throw this advice around, this is NOT what the big businesses have their employees do on a daily basis…

But wait…”What if I don’t have any money to hire someone?

This is where it gets REALLY cool (and I wish I had discovered this earlier!)

Hiring someone can cost hundreds of dollars a month and then you have a lot of things to worry about…

Things like…

1. Having enough work for them to do (if you hire well, you’ll get efficient people who can do a lot of good work in a short period of time). 

2. Keeping track of them to make sure they’re not browsing Facebook and YouTube (some sites help with this but you will have to keep an eye on them).  

3. Train them in the first place which can take many hours of time and close handholding (and then what happens if they leave?)

With that being said, don’t think I don’t love hiring people because I do and I love my staff members. 

They enable me to take trips when I want, grow my business, and help me do all the “small necessities” (calling the cleaners, scheduling appointments, etc) that are necessary but stress me out keeping track of them all.

But sometimes I just need little things done…

Know what I did?

I started digging around and found an entire world of people who would do little, VERY simplistic tasks for TINY amounts of money…

We’re talking the type of money you drop into a piggy bank

Here’s what I’m talking about!

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s a lot smarter to pay someone 10 cents to do these types of tasks instead of spending your evenings “trying” to build a business the “old way?”

The fact is…

You don’t need to spend your evenings doing this because there are THOUSANDS of people out there who will do it for you!

I’m going to show you how easy it is to get these campaigns built…and the best part is…

In a nutshell here’s what you do:

1. Visit my secret sites and click “Create New Campaign.”

2. Choose what I want them to do.

3. Enter What I Want to Pay.

4. And Put In the Directions. 

There’s a few more things that really make this special but this is the basics… 

What makes this REALLY different from all the other outsourcing methods is that…

This fact alone is really what excites me with this outsourcing method and that’s why I wanted to share it with you.

Back when I ran my outsourcing company, I hired, trained, and had to manage over 100 people from overseas.

And for those of you who don’t know me well…I’m what some would consider a “softie.”

And this really didn’t turn out well.

I spent so much time managing the headaches of this, making sure the quality of the work was great…

And then my staff basically quit with me holding the bag!

All of a sudden, I had tons of clients wondering why their work wasn’t being done and I had to scramble around to figure out a way to get things done…

It totally burned me out!

You see…

I’m really big into a quality lifestyle and I’ve been blessed to do so many fun things and share them on my blog. Here’s a few of the things I’ve talked about…

Personal Development
Raw Food
Random Acts Of Kindness

I’ve traveled all over the place, lived in many different countries, and it’s all because of my unique way of outsourcing without managing a lot of employees!

These are unsolicited comments from people talking about how my products helped them out. 

You’ve seen that I have used outsourcing strategically as well as provide a lot of value with my products…so without further ado.

Bottom line: You’re getting a deal…

Here’s why…I’ve done plenty of products, sold services to offline clients, and traveled everywhere.

I use outsourcing to enable me to do all this stuff.

But you see, I’ve spent a lot of time learning things and you’re avoiding all the pain of building a business of outsourcers only to watch them leave and suffer through having to fix all the problems and make things right.

Not to mention the money. You’re literally getting a mini-system to start using today and get more time and freedom without the heartache and pain that I had to go through to learn this stuff.

Once you invest today…

You’ll discover:

  • Where to find thousands of workers who can be utilized quickly (within 10 minutes) to do tasks that would take you hours to do yourself
  • How to protect yourself from people ripping you off (you can avoid wasting money…even if it is just dimes, nickles, and quarters)
  • How most outsourcing advice will set you back rather than push you forward when you’re first starting out.
  • Exact copy and paste campaigns you can use that I’ve used myself to get lots of things done…
  • The things to avoid with these outsourcing sites that will save you a ton of trouble and pain
  • And much, much more!

With those few things, you can see how valuable this training is going to be…

I really want you to avoid the pains of outsourcing. Really…

So, because this is a WSO and I want to make sure this is the easiest purchase you can possibly make…I’ve decided to include a few bonuses.

Bonus #1: My 6 Page Report on What Not To Do With Your Instant Army of Outsourcers

I get asked all the time what things a new person should avoid when working with this outsourcing model so I’m gonna tell you in just a few pages what mistakes I’ve made so you can avoid them.

Many people over-think this and I think that’s crazy so you won’t have to do this once you skim this report.

Bonus #2: Copy and Paste Campaigns You Can Use Today For Your Army

In the two videos I talk about the two sites you can use to get these campaigns built which will grow your web business.

While you’ll be able to see how good these sites can be for your bottom line, I’m going to share with you some “copy and paste” campaigns so it’s EVEN EASIER

Bonus #3: A Bonus Q and A Style Webinar Where We’ll Go Over Instant Outsourcing Army and Get All Your Questions Taken Care Of

I know these videos are pretty good but I’m sure you’ll have a lot of questions since you’re probably new to outsourcing.

I decided to do a webinar with my business partner for this project, Brad Spencer, where we’ll lay out an easy to follow tips and tricks for getting outsourcing to work for you.

We’ll even answer all your questions to make sure you’re squared away.

The fact is…this is a fantastic offer and I’ve received so much knowledge, friends, and help from friends along the way that I wanted to give back.

Also, since my dark days of running my outsourcing service, I’ve benefited so much from doing outsourcing differently. I remember how awful those days were, how stressed I was, and how I wasn’t living the lifestyle I wanted to live.

I wanted to make it an absolute no brainer for you to invest today so you can grow a business that will allow you to enjoy the life you want to live without dealing with the mess I had with 100 workers who flaked out on me.

Plus, I will always treat you the way I want to be treated which is with love, trust, joy, and pure awesomeness.

This is literally what you are getting…

  • 2 Instant Outsourcing Army Videos
  • What Not To Do With Crowdsourcing Bonus Report
  • The What To Do On Each Site Bonus Report
  • The Q and A Bonus Webinar Which Will be Held Within A Week (Recording Will Be Put On Your Download Page)

Alright…it’s now time to take action…

The next step is very simple…

You’re going to get everything within a minute or so after purchasing…instant download of all the videos, bonuses, and information about the bonus webinar.

You’ll get everything… no waiting!

I can’t promise that the price is going to stay this low…I might change my mind and take this off the market after so many sales…

So, click on the “ADD TO CART” button below….

With Love,
Rachel Rofe

P.S.- Because of the bonus webinar, you should invest right now so you can get on, get your questions answered, and sorted. I do personal coaching that is very high ticket so this is your chance to get access to me to get all your questions answered!